Viva uma Experiência

Magnífica e Única

Acima de tudo, aprecie a viagem.

Do teleférico, pairando sobre a cidade em que o edificado convive com os jardins e as hortas, desfrute do anfiteatro e baía do Funchal num cenário de azuis, verdes e laranjas.

  • Abertura 09h00m
  • Fecho 17h45m
  • 364 dias/ano (encerrado dia 25 de dezembro)
  • Duração da viagem: 15 a 25 minutos, em cada sentido
  • Percurso: Funchal – Monte, comprimento inclinado 3200 metros


Bilhete Teleférico do Funchal

Ida e Volta Ida
Adulto 16€ 11€
Criança (7-12) 8€ 5,5€
Criança (0-6) Grátis Grátis

Bilhetes Combinados

Combinado Yellow Bus

Adulto 26,25€
Junior (13-14)
Criança (7-12) 13,15€
Criança (0-6) Grátis

Combinado Teleferico Jardim Botânico

Adulto 31,40€
Junior (13-14) 19,45€
Criança (7-12) 15,45€
Criança (0-6) Gratis


The city of Funchal is recognized by Cidade Jardim, fruit of the coexistence of the green spaces with the house, with great floristic richness, in a symbiosis between the rural and the urban. This landscape and environmental harmony provides pleasantness to the cable car ride experience.

See the city moving away and up the slopes approach a steep nature, framed by the Atlantic blue. From the town to the top of the parish of Monte, see also the natural beauty of Madeira, its orography and its geology.

Monte Ilha da Madeira

As it climbs the environment will evolve and the urban network will be replaced by green slopes, hills and valleys, on a trip with the city and the sea in the background. The route finishes in the Monte, locality with a romantic landscape and surroundings, where they can be visited:

Monte Ilha da Madeira

Here you will find the traditional “basket carts” of Monte, which for more than a century have slipped back to Funchal – a simple and lively experience – and very modern considering its eco-friendly and environmental characteristics!

Continuing one of the traditional tours and more appreciated by tourists and the population, once provided by the Monte train, the Funchal Cable Car offers today its passengers a tour of the landscape and a panorama of 360º, comfortably seated – all with place to window.

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